The vision of Jawad Welfare Organization (JWO) is a society with peace, harmony and prosperity to connect people’s potential to help them selves,Inspired by the values of our faith, Jawad Welfare Organization (JWO) is working towards tackling the root causes of poverty and creating a fairer world for everyone. We believe that every human being has the right to an education, access to clean water and food and the means to support themselves, their family and their community.

This is why Jawad Welfare Organization (JWO) strives to empower people for the long-term, rather than just providing immediate relief. We approach each situation on a case by case basis, with a view to finding appropriate and sustainable solutions. Our projects have already made a huge impact, showing how our donors can make a real difference.


Jawad Welfare Organization (JWO)'s main goal to alleviate poverty from rural and urban areas nationwide and do efforts for the availability of basic basic necessities of the life i.e. employment, skill development training, education, relief to poor and needy peoples in case of emergencies during earth quake, floods, and to upgrade physical infrastructures in deprived and backward communities to complete the needs of community i.e. development of schools, madarsa's, skill development centers, water supply lines etc


JWO strongly believes in women empowerment that’s why it has started a number of projects for the welfare of women. JWO started a Women Empowerment Project (WEP) for the promotion of vocational skills & established numerous sewing centers in Muzaffarabad District and Hattain; moreover it distributed worth 300 sewing machines including hand machines, zigzag machines and electric machines to support widows to achieve income security, dignified working conditions and increased protection of the natural resources on which they depend; to eradicate poverty.


Our volunteering team includes a diverse range of people from all different age groups and backgrounds and the opportunities we offer reflect this. From organising events to taking on one of our exciting challenges right through to supporting our social media and admin teams, there’s loads for you to get stuck into. By joining our volunteer community, you’ll get to meet other fantastic volunteers, equip yourself with the skills you need to help you reach your potential and create some life-long memories along the way.
Do you want to help your fellow human beings and reap the rewards that your kindness and generosity brings? Join us now and make a difference to those most in need. We have a number of exciting events and challenges to choose from so get stuck in and change lives today!
You can also organise your own event and see how much you can raise. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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